Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th August Written Episode

Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th August Written Episode – Rishabh rejects for dance and Ritvik’s mom feels bad and askes risahbh’s wife to convince him. Setu is still confused about the fact that Rohit is missing from the event and thinks Rohit is hiding something from her, Palak pours out her tears by thinking about Ritvik and now she’s broken and asks God for help. Ritvik’s mom finds Palak in trouble and talks to her and she then finds that someone is spying on them. Rohit got trapped in IT problem and Setu’s now missing from the event too. Palak’s mom becomes the arch enemy for Rohit’s father and doesn’t allow him to get success in his plan. Setu was missing from the event had created a blast into the event and people are getting in the tension.

Ritvik’s mom talks to Palak and she then disclose that she’s only concerned about Setu’s marriage and nothing else, ritvik present there says that he wanted to dance for Anannya rather than thanking Palak. The class problem Arises now as setu was missing And Palak talks to Ritvik and gives him a good lecture. Suddenly watchmen comes and gives a pendrive saying that it contains information about setu ,someone has provided them and they were having scarfs. The pendrive speaks that setu is not missing and some issues has ariseddue to that Setu’s is not coming back and this his on the verge of opening the plans and trap led by Rohit’s father and now Palak is becoming protagonist as she knows the truth and the dispute has begun.

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