Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th August Written Episode

Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th August Written Episode – Ritvik and Ananya are busy in photography of their marriage and Ananya looks very happy but Ritvik is in ignorance attitude. Ritvik’s mom and his mates think that Ritvik and Ananya should dance. Rohit’s dad plans a trap of raid as Rohit receive a call during sangeet event and he now gets tensed.
Alan asks Ritvik about Palak’s matter and is that sorted out or not. Ayan now behaves smartly and asks Palak’s mom about palak and then looks at Ritvik’s reaction. Ayan knows that there’s something between them, Ritvik and Palak are now behaving like strangers and having strange talks. Setu is now in tension as. She finds Rohit missing but his father calms him down.

Ritvik’s mom performs a beautiful dance for Ritvik and it’s too adorable as Ritvik finds this adorable too. Then Ritvik’s mom tells him that it was Palak’s idea to perform this. The love saga now begins between Palak and Ritvik and keeps them silent but eyes say the play of love. Ritvik now thanks Palak for this present but Palak now replies him as her boss and says that this is her duty and for this, he has hired him. Rohit’s father now sets his trap and Setu gets trapped in his plan and according to Rohit’s father he thinks everything is going well. But unfortunately, Palak’s mom and Palak listen to that talk and now arises their senses and gets to know the plan to break the marriage of Rohit. Ritvik’s dance with Ananya is totally Sensational and he does to make Palak uncomfortable and they both were getting intimacy in their dance. Palak gets heart broken again and Ritvik doesn’t this and feels satisfied just by breaking her heart.

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