Internet Wala Love 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya reading a letter written by Jai

Internet Wala Love 11th October 2018 Written Episode – Episode starts from the office where Samrat is holding the hand of Adhya. Then Samrat leaves the hand and says sorry and went out. On the other side Jai’s mom calls Adhya’s dad and says that how was the jewelers, you hadn’t seen this type of jewelry know. Because u can’t afford that.

Then Adhya’s dad says how u took our daughter for shopping, we will also take u all for shopping. Adhya chats with his friend and says where are you I want to take to u. Jai says in mind that God why did u pulled me to this problem. Adhya was remembering the torture of Samrat and then she become unconscious. Jai go to take medicine and tries to awoke Adhya. Jai’s mom go for shopping and she choose a very costly Saree but Jai’s grandma stop her.

Jai’s mom says ooh! I forgot he can’t afford that. Adhya’s dad says that no she can take what she want. In the office Jai says that u can’t go to home alone, I will drop u. Jai drops her and start making soup for Adhya. Adhya ask how did u change? From tomorrow u doesn’t leave a chance for teasing me. Jai says that i am not done this for u. I done this for my grandma. Because if she knew that u had been unconscious then she will blame me. Jai tells Adhya to rest. Adhya ask Jai that If your friend regularly talk to u and suddenly he will invisible so what it means.

Jai tells it can be he was busy. But Adhya says that it also can be happen that he had a problem. Jai went from there and Adhya sleeps. Then only Samrat comes and tries to wear her the ring but then he starts checking Adhya’s phone. Then only Adhya woke up. And asks what are u doing but Samrat again shout at her. Then Adhya tell Samrat to go. She thinks that the man with she can’t leave 5 mins then how can she leave with her whole life. Adhya was upset and the episode ends. Click here to read the last episode.

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