Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarohi’s Parents at Gun Point

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th October 2018 Written Episode – The¬†Episode starts from the hospital where the doctor says to Arohi that if your husband hasn’t take u on time then u will die. Deep ask the doctor about Arohi and he says that she is all right and now u can meet her.

Deep goes to see Arohi but she isn’t there. Arohi goes to her parents but Deep find her. Arohi distract deep’ s mind and take her parents away from there. In the way, she meets mausi and mausi give her the keys of the cars and tell her to go from here but she doesn’t trust her but Arohi hasn’t had an option. She takes her parents away and take them in a safe place and says that I will come to meet u. Then she goes to take the revenge from Deep.

On the other side, Tara tries to kill her. Virat tries to open the door but Tara says that u had to buy Arohi’s dead body then only I will open the door. Then Arohi goes to the temple of Lord Durga and prays that show me some path I am confused. Then she decides that she will take her child away from Deep by then only deep comes and catches her and says why are u running? Arohi says u would kill me a long time ago. You had only lived me for your child.

Deep says to trust on him. But Arohi puts an injection to deep. Deep falls down deep says Arohi why did u done that u are in danger. But Arohi went and the episode ends. Click here to read the full last episode.

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