Ishq Subhan Allah 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara is heart broken

Ishq Subhan Allah 10th October 2018 Written Episode – The episode begins with the same situation. Zara throws Rukhsar out and asks her to go but Rukhsar tells her to ask Kabeer about it. Zara tells Kabeer that she trusts him but Kabeer accept it. Kabeer tells her that he was helpless but Zara cry badly. It’s a big shock for her. She runs towards her room. Kabeer follow him but Zara closes herself in the room and doesn’t open the door.

Kabeer tries to explain his and Zara family about his situation but Zara mother and father raise questions to him. Kabeer tells them that he doesn’t have time. He had only a few hours and Zara didn’t pick up his call. Kabeer asks Reema. Reema says that Kabeer didn’t pick up call when Zara call him. Zara mother again blames him but Kabeer tells them that he accepted marriage proposal then Zara call him. Kabeer mother tells everyone to think about Zara.

Rukhsar is scattering notes in her room and dancing. Zeenat goes to her and tells her that she did wrong. Rukhsar proof herself innocent as her courier Delivered by that them And it’s god wish. Rukhsar also tells Zeenat that if she knew that she will get Kabeer by killing Hamnad then she would have killed him before.

Reema is knocking Zara door. Zara is crying badly. She tries to go to the open door but she faints. Reema calls everyone. Kabeer breaks the door. Zara mother doesn’t allow Kabeer to touch Zara without her permission. Kabeer call doctor. Doctor tell about the panic attack to Zara and to take care.

Kabeer mother goes to Rukhsar, who is dancing in her room. She gives her all her jewelry and asks to leave. Rukhar stars doing drama that she is orphan and where will she go? She is the legal wife of Kabeer.

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