Ishq Subhan Allah 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara does not want to leave Ahmad house

Ishq Subhan Allah 11th October 2018 Written Episode – The episode begins with the same critical situation. Kabeer is with his and Zara’s family. They are talking about next step.

Rukhsar is very happy. She see her photo with Hamnad and burnt the it.
Kabeer is trying to Make Zara’s mother Understand but she declares that she will take her daughter back to home. Kabeer mother tell her that she and Zara father can also stay at their home along with Zara but don’t take her. Zara mother ask her not to speak this time.

Rukhsar is finding something in Zeenat room and she got it. She wear “jhumka” which is an ancient jewelry every new daughter-in-law got to wear In Kabeer family. She wear it.

Reema is with Zara. Zara mother come and pack Zara bag and Ask Reema to be bring Zara in hall after she get conscious.
Rukhsar is in kitchen and taking food. Zeenat go to her and scold her for doing this. Zeenat see her ears and ask her why has wear her “jhumka”.

Zara get conscious. She see Kabeer sitting out of her room. Kabeer come to her and ask to talk him but she doesn’t talk. Reema ask Kabeer to leave as doctor asked them not to give emotional stress to Zara.
Rukhsar has taken food on dinning table. She call everyone to have food but everyone refuse. Rukhsar then try to call Kabeer to have food. Kabeer throw entire food. Then Zara come there with Reema.

Zara mother ask Zara to go with her but she says no because she will stay at her home and fight for herself. But also she says that she will not stay in Kabeer room. Kabeer take her bag to his room.

Zara stop him but Kabeer go and take out his clothes from cupboard. He says he will not stay in same room because it’s his mistake. After Kabeer come out Rukhsar Stop him and Ask to share her room. She annoys Kabeer.

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