Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2018 Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2018 Written Episode – Again same party episode. It begins with Aliya, as she turned back she found King behind her. She get frightened and ask him if he heard what she was talking. King says nothing. Aliya smile to him, which make King puzzled, because Aliya never smile to him. Aliya goes to dadiji and tell her to force Tanu to play game, so that everyone will get to know how much she loves Abhi. And after her Pragya should also play. Dadiji and Mitali think that it should be done, because it’s a test between Tanu and Pragya. Poorakh and Disha are also talking about the same.

Dadiji tell waiter to go to the room to bring a box which she wants to gift to Disha and she tell him to take key from Aliya. Waiter goes. Next we see Kiara and Sunny are forcing Kiara’s chachu to scare his mother. They want him to make fake ghost. He get agree. At party Mitali covers Tanu’s eyes. Tanu reacts as she can’t see anything but she plays a trick and reach to Abhi, but Mitali stop her and tie the cloth properly again. This time Tanu speak a lot, that she can find Abhi with heart eyes but she fails and keep the stick on a waiter. Everyone laugh on her.

Next Aliya is going upstairs with knife, waiter is chasing him to take key. As he reach to her she scold him and order to leave and at Pragya’s house. Kiara’s chachu scares his mother and she catch him. Both the kids are enjoying. Finally at party everyone force Pragya and Abhi to play the game. They refuse but Tanu challenge them and King get agree.

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