Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2018 Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2018 Written Episode – This episode is about the party only. Abhi is talking to dadiji about his tension. Pragya is also standing little far, King comes to Pragya and tells her that he is finding her. Tanu comes to the kitchen. She is finding something. A waiter comes there and asks0 her what does she need? Tanu starts scolding him and tells him to take tissue papers to the party hall. He says it’s already there but again she scolds him. The waiter takes out tissue papers from a cupboard and Tanu see the knife in the same cupboard. She gets happy. After the waiter leaves, she takes out the knife. She is planning to cut the thread of ‘Jhumar’.

Next, we see love birds Poorakh and Disha. Poorakh brings Disha to a separate place and starts romancing with her. He asks how did she recognize him with covered eyes. Suddenly Aliya come there and ask them what they are doing? Poorakh reply angrily that they are romancing, and what’s her problem? Aliya gets jealous and feels very bad. She goes from there. Disha tells Poorakh that Aliya doesn’t like their pair. She always plans to ruin their relationship. Poorakh tells her not to get worried.

And then Tanu and Pragya are coming from two sides, they meet at a point. Knife fall down which Tanu had taken from the kitchen. Pragya asks her about the knife. Aliya also comes from another side. She got worried after seeing this. She overreacts. Pragya also leaves. Aliya is scolding Tanu and someone calls her. Tanu goes to the party hall. Mitali bhabhi requests her to play the game but she refuses. Mitali calls Abhi and tells him to play but he also denies. Mitali is forcing both of them and ask dadiji to force them to play. Aliya and Tanu are talking about the knife. Pragya is watching them and thinking about why Tanu had the knife in her hand.

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