Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th August 2018 Written Episode

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th August 2018 Written Episode – 

In this episode Ira is sitting in her room. She is crying, suddenly Bhavik come there and ask her about the last night party. He says that she misbehaved and insulted Akhilesh and Pushpa because she knew her father’s plan, that he wanted Akhilesh to dance. Bhavik shows him “ghunghroo” which she had already seen and planed to let Akhilesh leave the party.

At Akhilesh house Pushpa asks Akhilesh to promise her to marry another girl. He get agree. He promised her, because he was badly hurt by Ira.

Ira express her feelings before Bhavik. She says that she did not want Akhilesh to dance in party. She is crying but she also tell him to ignore everything now. According to Ira everything is ruined now. Bhavik goes and Ira start eating green chilies angrily.

Next Akhilesh saw alla and remember older memories. Dabina accuses him and Pushpa also ask him to search new bride for him. Akhilesh is totally agree with them.

After that Akhilesh got call from manager who hired him as a waiter. He ask him to collect his fee. Bhoomi come to her and talk about Ira but Akhilesh refuses to talk about her and Leave. Bhoomi makes a call to Bhavik. Both of them discuss about Ira and Akhilesh.

At Manager’s office Ira is sitting with him. She pays him 25k but he says that he need only 20k, because her father cancelled dj and said that Akhilesh will dance after wearing “ghunghroo”. Akhilesh is hearing all these. He ask manager why the hell would he dance? Ira see him and go from there. Akhilesh sit there. A man come with some photos and give it to manager. Akhilesh see those photos. After watching photos, Akhilesh go from there. Manager try to stop him but he goes.

After going out Akhilesh think about photos in which Ira was looking upset and he understands everything. He come to know how Ira safe him by insulting.

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