Nazar 9th August 2018 Written Episode

Nazar 9th August 2018 Written Episode – Mohit and his friend locked up Rita as they were now taking the revenge, Rita’s innocence led her into the trap and now she was now calling out for help but she can’t reach out. Mohit’s friend watches this and feels satisfied but suddenly the witch comes with the dead body of Preeti and now this guy is totally blown up!!! He losses his conscious and try to move out. but the witch doesn’t allow and hypnotizes him. He now moves slowly down and when MOHIT finds him like this he too gets blown up but at that point, he gains his conscious and asks MOHIT how he came here. Rita is still asking out for help and now finds herself helpless. The witch now throws out the body of Preeti into the pool and Ansh’s friends and all the college guys get shocked!!

Ansh. With his cousins moves to home and tells everyone not to tell mom about college incident as his sister thinks how can she resist If mom asks Vaideshvi arrives she is in super excited mood as she tells Ansh about the girl and now says that goddess has now responded to our wish and no need to worry now as things will happen by nature’s law. After the college incident, the place was. Under police alert and a Havaldar was placed there as at night the witch arrives there and coincidently Havaldar sees her and gets shocked. He then found out ruby in the college and then it comes to know that ruby is the witch who is carrying out the process of death and killing. As Havaldar comes to know so she kills Havaldar too Rita is still stuck in the room and helpless…

Ansh, as reaches home, gets the surprise from Vaideshvi as they have brought the girl there and when they disclose the surprise it was Ruby and Ansh found that strange as Dayan’s planning work out as she Wants ruby to marry Ansh and everything is going well according to Mohana as she has set up the trap in right way.

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