Tu Aashiqui 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: We had to search the pen drive

Tu Aashiqui 11th October 2018 Written Episode – The Episode starts from the scene where Ahaan, Rangoli, and Randhir comes. Aparna says to go and be ready to Ahaan and Rangoli. Aparna comes to Ahaan to tell everything but Ahaan says that Pankti has told me everything.

Rangoli came to knew that the doctor has given wrong medicine to Ahaan he had to remember everything. Rangoli knows that Ahaan is acting. Randhir and Rangoli were discussing that they had to keep eyes on Ahaan’s family. Then says to Aparna that if there will be any mistake. Randhir said to his men’s to fit signal jammer and says to the priest to do the marriage faster. On the other side Pankti is on the way to reach Ahaan’s house, she tries to call Aparna but the call does not connect.

There comes any problem in the car. Pankti wants to reach Ahaan faster she is very disturbed. On Ahaan’s house, Aparna was thinking that why did Pankti doesn’t come? Ahaan and Rangoli stand for jaimal. The priest says something but then only Ahaan open the gathbandhan. Then Randhir says to do the marriage but Ahaan says no. Rangoli says why did you don’t care for me and if u didn’t do the marriage then you will directly go to the jail because I had a proof which forced Pankti to be the mistress of my dad. But Ahaan says that I will marry but not you I will marry Pankti.

Then Pankti comes with the pen drive by seeing this Rangoli shocked. Then the episode ends. Click here to read the full last episode.

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