Zindagi Ki Mehek 10th August 2018 Written Episode

Zindagi Ki Mehek 10th August 2018 Written Episode – Frame opens from the same place where Shaurya and Mehak are struggling to protect themselves. They are thinking who is planning to kill them? Police help them and Anyhow they manage to reach the hospital. Shaurya is injured badly, and his leg is bleeding. Yugraj is very angry with Smirti. He ties her with rope. Smriti doesn’t know that her own boyfriend is the main defaulter. What is he planning to get money?

Mehak’s mother and sister come to the hospital. Her mother is very happy. She is blessing Shaurya for her daughter’s safety. Also, she is happy about Mehak and Shaurya’s relation. Mehak’s sister clicks some photograph of Mehak and Shaurya. Shwetlana has come to her house. She is standing in front of the mirror and checking her injuries. She is very angry because she is failed. Mehak’s mother and sister bring Mehak and Shaurya to home. Her mother is caring Shaurya. She tells Mehak to allow Shaurya to sleep in her room and she should sleep in another room, as he is a guest. She takes Mehak towards Kitchen. They start cooking. Mehak is feeling jealous with Shaurya because her mother is caring for him. Mehak takes food for Shaurya.

Mehak comes to Shaurya’s room and He orders her to arrange a bed for him. She does it, then he asks her to feed him food. Mehak is also clever. She feeds him rice, which is very spicy. Mehak challenges him to finish the food. In return Shaurya also Challenge her. Shaurya gets mad after eating a spoon of rice. Mehak starts laughing. Shwetlana is worried. She isn’t able to sleep as well. She is just sitting and planning to kill Mehak and Shaurya. She remembers what baba has told her, that She will get in trouble if she will not kill them. Here Shaurya has finished the food and ask Mehak to Accept the challenge.

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