Alanasana (High lunge) Steps, Benefits and Precautions


High lunge (Alanasana)

High lunge or Alanasana is a beginner’s pose. It’s good Stretching workout. The preparatory poses for high lunge are such as low lunge (anjaneyanasana). Downward facing dog (adho mukh svanasana). Standing forward bend (uttanasana). Chair pose (utkatasana).


  • Stay in standing forward bend pose (uttanasna). Bend your knees here, and step back your left leg back towards the back edge of your mat, with the balls of the foot on the floor. Step back far enough so that right knee can form a right angle.
  • Now lay your torso on your right thigh and lengthen it forward.
  • Inhale and Look forward simultaneously.
  • Then firm your left thigh and push it towards the ceiling. Keep the left knee straight. Stretch your left knee towards the floor.
  • Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds in the beginning.
  • To release the pose exhale and either bring your left foot in front and get into standing forward bend pose or bring your right foot back beside the left foot and come into the downward facing dog pose.
  • Now repeat the same with another leg.


  • This pose stretches the groins.
  • It stretches arms and legs.
  • The pose is therapeutic in sciatica, indigestion and constipation.

Contradiction /Precautions :-

  • If you have serious knee injury then don’t practice this pose.
  • If you have neck injury or some other problem in neck (just look down at the floor instead of looking straight ahead)

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