Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August Written Episode


Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August Written Episode – The episode is about badnaam restaurant, which is owned by Manmohan Tiwari, Angoori and Vibhutinarayan Mishra. First scene starts with Vibhutinarayan gazhal. Speaker faults as he start singing. In kitchen Angoori is making chapatis, and boys are working. Tillu come with order. Malkhan starts throwing containers and again says same thing that he is diploma holder but Tika and Tillu start fighting with her. Angoori shout on them.

In next scene Angoori is doing some work and she got call from Akshay Kumar and he praise her for laddoos. Manmohan also talk him and give best wishes for Gold film. At night Vibhutinarayan is talking with Anita on phone. Suddenly boys and Happu Singh come on his bed and sleep their. Boys and Happu starts snoring. Anita ask Vibhu about this sound and he tell her that he is Watching tv.

At Angoori’s house Angoori is suffering from headache. Manmohan does her head massag anf they she complains him about leg pain. Manmohan starts massaging her legs. And Vibhuti come there suddenly. When Manmohan ask him the reason behind it, Vibhuti says that staff is sleeping in his badroom that’s why he has come here.

Next morning Vibhuti and Alif are sitting for gazhal. But it’s their bad luck, because as he starts singing someone interrupt. First is a customer eating food shout for water but Happu is busy on call. Manmoham hit him and scold Vibhu to sing. But now that customer is demanding for non-vegetarian food. Again Vibhuti try and Prem come there with Gulfam Kali. She orders Happu to clean the chair and also give him tip. Next commissioner Roshan and then Saxsena… No-one let him sing. Even Saxsena starts teaching him singing.

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