Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th August Written Episode



Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th August Written Episode – In this episode Manmohan Tiwari and Vibhutinarayan Mishra are sitting at a dhaba and waiter offer them “ghunyia ki biryani”. Manmohan and Vibhutinarayan think that only Angoori cooks “ghuniya ki biryani” in entire Kanpur. Then they taste it and ask waiter how does he cooked biryani? Waiter says that his boss bring 2kg biryani from a hotel everyday And they came to know that it is their hotel only from where his boss bring biryani. Both of them try to fight but come to know that boss is the same person who had taken 20 lakh rupees from them for opening hotel in dubai.

Happu Singh has come to police station and commissioner reason for calling him. Commissioner offer him his job back but he refuses to work. And in next scene boys Tika, Tillu, Malkhan and Happu Singh are sitting in Gulfam Kali kotha. They decide to hurt her, as they are going to dubai and they does the same. In next scene everyone is discussing about that fraud man. Dadu come there and start slapping Manmohan for wasting his 20 lakh rupees. Commissioner come there and he has arrested that fraud man. Commissioner hand over 20 lakh rupees to dadu.

Anita is talking with Minal and packing her luggage. Vibhuti come and tell her truth. Next scene opens with Angoori’s house. Manmohan come to home and he is crying as he lost a case and he has to pay 50 lakh rupees as penalty. Angoori call dadu for Help. She tell him about 50 lakh rupees but he cut the call. Then Happu Singh come there and he also ask for 50 lakh rupees for solving Manmohan’s issue.

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