Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August Written Episode Update


Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August Written Episode – In this episode, dad is worried about Angoori. He takes Manmohan to the location where the kidnapper calls them. They keep money bag in a tonga and Vibhuti take that money bag. Both of them check money But dadu come with Anita and beat Manmohan and Vibhutinarayan. Then they tell truth to dadu.

Anita ask them about Angoori. Vibhuti shows her cctv footage in his mobile in which they see Angoori is singing song and roaming in a room and suddenly a man come there and kidnap Angoori. Then Anita, Manmohan and Vibhuti reach that farmhouse where Angoori was staying. Prem also come there and tell them that he hide Angoori here to save Rupees 2500. And then we see Angoori is in a lonely place and a ghost is threatening him.

Anita, Vibhuti and Mannohan reach to police station where Happu is sleeping in police station and commissioner is sleeping in locker. They complain about Angoori kidnap to Happu Singh but he ask them to go to Yetti to complain. Anita threatens him But Happu replies in nonsense way. Commissioner get up and Scold Happu and order him to go to find Angoori. Boys Tika, Tillu and Malkhan are talking about gas of Tika. Tillu and Malkhan decide to check gas by burning it but Tika tell them his gas is too much hazardous and will burn both of them.

Next we see Anita, Vibhuti, Manmohan and commissioner reach to a house and ask a man about the way to mountain but that man told them about a jungleman reside over the mountain. That jungleman throw them down who go to his mountain. They got threatened. And then at tea stall Tillu and Malkhan are filling gas cylinder via Tika’s fart. They have filled 15 cylinders And selling each cylinder at rupees 300 only.Tika get tired then. They are planning about there career By cylinder business.

Ghost is frightening Angoori.

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