Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th August Written Episode



Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th August Written Episode – The result day. This episode is about result of adult school. All three professors Anita, Vibhutinarayan and Saxsena declare the result.

Professor Anita begins with inspector Happu Singh. She explains how he wrote essay on father. He is failed. Second is Manmohan Tiwari who has written shayari in his English exam and abuse in Botany and chemistry exams. He is also failed.

All three boys Tika, Tillu and Malkhan are also failed. Lachchho is also failed. And Angoori bhabhi wrote history answers in her question paper. When Anita ask him why has she done this. She says that Vibhutinarayan ask her to did this. And then Vibhuti explains how did he arranged papers for Angoori so that she can get passed. Overall all the students are failed.

Next morning some workers are taking out school boards from Anita’s house. Inspector Happu is watching all this. He got worried. Manmohan Tiwari also come. Happu asks Manmohan why are they taking out the boards. Tiwari tell him that all students are failed that’s why they are doing this. And then Vibhuti’s chacha ji come there. Manmohan take him to his house.

At night Manmohan Tiwari is sitting with Happu and Chachaji. They are having hard drink and talking about English classes.

Next morning scene opens with Angoori’s house. Angoori and Tiwari are sitting on a sofa chair. Angoori is in mood of romance. She doesn’t let Tiwari go to his shop. She starts dancing with him. But Tiwari ji is hungry. He asks Angoori to bring something to eat. She goes to kitchen and bring a packet of biscuit.

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