Bhekasana (Half frog pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions


Half frog pose (Bhekasana)



  • Lie on your stomach on your mat. Keep your palms on the floor,just near by your chest.
  • Press your palms on the ground, Inhale and lift your torso,along with your head.
  • Bend your right knee towards your right buttock. Bring your right hand back to hold your right foot. Press your palm against the top of your foot.
  • Turn your elbow towards the ceiling.
  • Press your foot towards your buttock, as much as you can. If it cause pain in your knee or hip, reduce the amount of weight you are putting on your foot.
  • Hold the pose for atleast 5-8 breaths.
  • Release the pose gently and repeat the same with your left foot.

Benefits :-

  • It extendes the hips and the quadriceps.
  • It improves the digestion by stimulating the abdominal organs.
  • It strengthens joints and muscles, as this posture extends the entire front and back of the body.
  • It helps in improving posture and strengthen the back muscles.
  • It extends the throat, chest, abdomen,groin,thighs and ankles.


  • Those who have high or low blood pressure problem, should not practice this pose.
  • If you have any injury in low back, neck or shoulder, avoid practicing it.
  • Patient of migraine and insomnia should also not practice it.

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