Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Commoners


Bigg Boss Telugu is Telugu Version of Bigg Boss. Nani will be the host of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. This time 13 celebrity and 3 Commoner will leave together in Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 will air on Sata Maa from 10 June 2018 at 9 PM. Here is the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Commoners.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestant (Commoners)



  1. Sir please tejaswini and bhanusri eddarini alimenat cheyandi behaviour bagoledhu anthamandi request peduthunnaru Meku tejaswini ni alimenat cheyamani

  2. Eliminate that tejaswi(anger management nill) too worst and dirty person…. Not kaushal immediately eliminate big boss everything will set in house

  3. Sir bigg boss show anikakunda kushal show ani thana bajana chesevalaki mathrame e show ni chudamani valaki chuse rights evvandi please memu vela over action chuda lekapothe nam. Vadinatana chudalekachasthunnam .vadu antha adhavo telisi kuda vadini amantamledhu enkendhuku sir e show. Vadokkade manchi vadila migathavalani cheddavalalaga chupisthunnaru thana negativ konani kuda chup in chandi.lekapothe show ni chudam

  4. Sir what is this? Eroju jarigina show lo kushal antha vedham ardhamindhi inakaani vadhe right antte. Nani garu meerukuda thanu chesina tappuni venakesuku raakandi please. Captaincy task lo thanu chesindhi 100% wrong. Thanucheste right verevalu chesthe tappa edhekkadi nyam.

  5. #biggbosstelugu
    Today Babu behaviour in the house was so rude and he is loosing his common sense. Last time I thought he was frustrated but he is very dangerous to the house. Is he blind , can’t make out whose grouping . He is playing the game here . Guys pls don’t encourage such kind, Geetha is genuinely playing and we should appreciate her courage . One thing I want to clear when two persons are talking and no one came in between , when Kaushal enters all of sudden so many voices are raising ( Samrat followed by tanish). Don’t u think is that a group along with amith and deepthi. Babu is talking about his intentions but Geetha shouldn’t and he is telling that she can’t lead and all. He don’t deserve to be in there. He is not behaving like an elder or educated person. Guys think genuinely and vote . If Tejaswi comes back house won’t be good and that’s my feeling according to her play . Please watch and vote accordingly ( don’t look at whom you like most )

  6. Mr Kaushik should be thrown out from the house immediately he is very arrange the and irritating the viewers he is no way suitable to move in the society send him out

  7. Mr Kaushik should be thrown out from the house immediately he is very arrange the and irritating the viewers he is no way suitable to move in the society send him out my vote goes to maduri

  8. Big boss 2 big trash. Task designer worst and star maa employed below average persons. But Nani managed so far, but future very difficult for Nani also. First inmates hired inter net centres for voting. Trash not even one Lakh not voting, because from one IP no. Lakes of votes polled that’s why so many cores projected.

  9. Pooja Chala over chestundi big boss asalu meeru pooja nu Home Loki enduku pampincharu pooja over ga maltadunti pooja Valla memu big boss chudalekapotunnam plz elimination pooja plz

  10. Finally u r in nominations this time u will surely come out of d house deepti sunaina n tanish should have not discussed with kaushal about nominating sunaina I felt tanish was acting a bit over smart in taking a stand for sunaina
    Kaushal is the best player in the house

  11. Roll Rida garu
    Meru “Galli” nundi vachhi
    Ne Game Kosam… Adhi vedhava Tanish and Sunayana valla Kosam.. MA Paruvu Adhe MA “Galli” valla
    Paruv thesav.. Nuvvu manishivena…
    Rollrida Garu…
    Me game ayyakina “Galli” vallaki Sorry Cheppu… Naidu Garu kadhu Nuvvu Cheppu…

  12. Neku Nachhindhi chepthe
    Ela? Tanish garu
    Audions chepthe Positive GA thesukoni
    Maarali Gani.
    Pogaruga cheppakudadhu.
    Neela…. ” Tanish”

  13. Kaushal blaming every one how he become good performer.i supported him four weeks but he changed his attitude.geetha supported him about Tejus and banus mater.but he forgot and told her like today how Kaushal army supporting him.if Kaushal bigg boss title winner this is perfectly planned by pls remember bigg boss

  14. My favourite contestant is Geeta madhuri.According to the situation she reacts n raises her points clearly n stand by it.koushal is only for playing tasks he is the one who does not mingle with others n totally blames all n tries to influence the person who is in favour of him,selfish natured.i had a doubt he might have created this so called army before he entered BB house r might be match fixed with BB .So arrogant n rude in nature is supported by Nani n BB.he is not a alone he himself going away from the gp ,andharidhi okka dharithe vulipi katta dhi okka dhari annatu.andharu argue chesukuntaru but koushal argues to highlight himself.

  15. చెండాలం ఆ గీత మాధురి gameStyle. Atitude. behavior. మాటలాడే తీరు.తన మైండ్ mentality ఒక్కటి కూడా నచ్చడం ల అల ఉంటె familys లో గొడవలు జరుగుతాయి ఆ అమ్మాయి mentality ఎవరికీ ఉండకూడదు .గేమ్ చూస్తే చిరాకు వస్తుంది.బిగ్ బాస్ house లో ఎందుకు vuncharababu ముసలి దానిలా పదే పదే గొనగడం తల నొప్పి వేస్తుంది గేమ్ చూస్తుంటే .టీవీ off చేసేస్తున్నాం ఆ అమ్మాయి టీవీ లో కనిపించినప్పుడు బీపీ పెరుగుతుంది మా ఫ్రండ్ ఆ గీత దాని గేమ్ చూసి కోపం తట్టుకోలేక బీపీ పెరిగి పిడ్స్ వచ్చి పడిపోయింది .. దాని వాల్ల అంత irritation గేమ్ చూడలేక పోతున్నాం .. ఎలిమినట్ చేయండ్ర దాన్ని

  16. Kaushal Bigg boss winner will not agree for it.he is not fit for this show.two tongues human being he the people supporting him don’t even understand.they don’t have sister mother wife any relationship with cheap language using they are.

  17. Hi Bigg boss koushal ni ippativaruku endhuku vunchukunnaru athanu ade game ni koushal army chustunara asalu intlo ne gelavanodu bayata ela gelava galuguthadu intlo respect leni vadiki bayata ela respect vastundi ha…
    Koushal kante Bigg boss lo Chala mandhi Chala baaga aaduthunnaru adi kanipistaledha vaallku ha…

  18. Nena bigboss hose lo kaushal anna ne andaru aa roju adakunda bigg boss andareni nament chayaganaya kaushal anna ne anduku questions vaysaru. Asalu bigg boss kaushal ne andaru ala antuntay ame chatunaru. It’s to bad. Ekada kaushal anna kosam memu unamu menu roju biggboss chustunanu. Asalu geetha kaushal anna ne agathallli chastu mataladuthundi.tanish aslu game appudu sareega game adadu alantapudu tanish ki adegay right ledu.bigg boss meru ku kocham taylusukondi ekada kaushal anna ki memu unama.

  19. Eroju prom lo kaushal anna andareni kukallu anadu anduku anado meku telusu kada bigg boss. Mari a
    Oka topic vastay andaru anduku akaysaree kaushal anna medaki vostunaru edi chapandi. Kaushal anna ichala badapadadu kabatee aa mata anadu. A place lo nenu una a mata anta.


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