Dance Deewane 2 Winner, Runner-Up, Prize Money, Finalists


Colors TV’s most popular dance reality show Dance Deewane Season 2 is moving forward to the grand finale episode. Dance Deewane is also a very popular dance reality show of India. This show is best known for its unique concept, where three-generation compete for the title trophy. This weekend we are going to have our Dance Deewane 2 Winner.

Dance Deewane 2 Winner

This time 23 contestants and 5 wild card entries have participated in this show. In this season 10 kids, 9 Youths, and 9 Seniors are divided into three categories Kids, Youths, Seniors. Kids have to compete with Kids, Youths have to compete with Youth and also Seniors have to compete with Senior. Winners of all three categories will compete for the Dance Deewane Season 2 Trophy.

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Actress Madhuri Dixit, Director Shashank Khaitan, Choreographer Tushar Kalia were the judges and Arjun Bijlani was the host of this season. This show provides an opportunity for aspiring dancers to make their carrier in the entertainment field.

Dance Deewane 2 Winner, Runner-Up, Prize Money

Vishal Sonkar became the ultimate winner of Dance Deewane Season 2. He gets ₹ 15 lakh prize money and title trophy. Runner Up Mehul Mehta and Tweesha – Vihaan takes ₹ 5 lakh each.

Tweesha – Vihaan, Vishal Sonkar, Mehul Mehta are the winner of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation respectively. All three winners compete for the title trophy.

  1. Tweesha Patel & Vihaan Trivedi (1st Generation Winner)
  2. Vishal Sonkar (2nd Generation Winner)
  3. Mehul Mehta (3rd Generation Winner)

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Dance Deewane Season 2 Finalists

  1. Tweesha Patel & Vihaan Trivedi [Kids]
  2. Om Shubham Mahapatra [Kids]
  3. Paramdeep Singh [Youth]
  4. Vishal Sonkar [Youth]
  5. Sneha Adapawar [Seniors]
  6. Mehul Mehta [Seiors]

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Dance Deewane 2 Contestants


Twisha Patel & Vihaan Trivedi (5)5
Om Shubham Mahapatra (10)10
Muhammad Arsh Ali (8) 8
Neerja Tiwari (7)7
Anish Roy (10)10
Nagraj Shinde 11
Jigyasa Pradeep Bhoi 10
Urva Bhavsar (8)8
Pratiti Das (8)8


Vishal Sonkar21
Paramdeep Singh17
Kalpita Kachroo 21
Tushar Kaushik 17
Gannu Zoya 21
Shaina Lebana 23
Javed Chaudhary 25
Kanchi Shah27
Padmini Patnaik 18


Mehul Mehta 37
Sneha Agapawad 38
Ved Prakash 46
S. Soumya Shree 35
Rupali Khanna 41
Rupesh Raj 52
Juliana Mehta 37
Gopal Pathro 39

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