Dance Deewane Winner, Runner Up, Finalists & Prize Money


Dance Deewane is an Indian dance reality show. In Dance Deewane There are Three Category or age group like Children, adults, seniors. Children will compete with children, adults will compete with adults, and seniors will compete with seniors. Winners of all age groups or Category will compete for the title “Dance Deewane”. Check down below Dance Deewane Winner, Runner-Up, Finalists & Prize Money.



Dance Deewane Winner
Source: Colors TV

The Grand Finale is going to happen on 15th September 2018 at 9 PM only on Colors TV. Alok Shaw and Jyothi Ranjan Sahu is the finalist from generation one (children). Kishen Bilagali, Prabdeep Singh and Siza Roy is the finalist of generation two (adults). Dinanath, Sonali Nirantor, and Ved Prakash is the finalist from generation three (seniors).

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Dance Deewane Winner Name & Runner-Up?

Madhuri Dixit announced Aalok Shaw as the winner of Dance Deewane Season One, and judges award him with the trophy and Ten Lakh rupees prize money. Kishen Bilagali and Dinanath is the runner-up of the season. The show will be back in next year.

  • Generation One Winner: Aalok Shaw
  • Generation Two Winner: Kishen Bilagali,
  • Generation Three Winner: Dinanath

Dance Deewane Finalist?

  • Aalok Shaw and Jyothi Ranjan Sahu (First Generation)
  • Kishen Bilagali, Prabdeep Singh and Siza Roy (Second Generation)
  • Dinanath, Sonali Nirantor, and Ved Prakash (Third Generation)

Generation One (Kids) Contestants

Aalok Shaw7 YearsWinner
Jyothi Ranjan Sahu13 YearsFinalist
Advik Mongia9 YearsEliminated
Mansi Dhruv13 YearsEliminated
Shaurya Jain8 YearsEliminated
Siddhant Sharma7 YearsEliminated
Palakh Dilip More10 YearsEliminated

Generation Two (Adults) Contestants

Name AgeStatus
Kishen Bilagali28 YearsFinalist
Prabdeep Singh23 YearsFinalist
Siza Roy 19 YearsFinalist
Karan Pariyar19 YearsEliminated
Shweta Sharda18 YearsEliminated (Wild-Card)
Sandeep Gupta19 YearsEliminated (Wild-Card)
Manisha Singh17 YearsEliminated
Shakil Shaikh24 YearsInjured/Quit
Neeraj Yadav21 YearsEliminated

Generation Three (Seniors) Contestants

Name AgeStatus
Dinanath42 YearsFinalist
Sonali Nirantor41 YearsFinalist
Ved Prakash45 YearsFinalist
Firoz Khan52 YearsEliminated
Lalita Soni37 YearsEliminated
Minal Dhapare42 YearsEliminated (Wild-Card)
BittuN/AEliminated (Wild-Card)


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