Dance Plus 5 Finalists


The most talked-about dance reality show Dance Plus Season 5 is heading towards its finale. Contestants from every corner of the country participate in this dance show, who want to make a career in the field of dance. Check down below Dance Plus 5 Finalists Name.


This show has given good dancers to the country. Who has elevated the name of the country not only in India but also abroad? Dance Group The Kings United won the World of Dance Championship, V Unbeatable were the finalists of America Got Talent. These two were the participants of Dance Plus.

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This time apart from Dharmesh and Puneet, two new captains Karisma Chauhan and Suresh Mukund were also part of the show. Remo D’Souza was Super Judge and Raghav Juyal was the host.

Dance Plus 5 Finalists

  1. Sanchita-Subrata
  2. Janam
  3. Rupesh Bane
  4. Dipika- Rupesh

Sanchita-Subrata, Janam, Rupesh Bane, and Dipika-Rupesh are the finalists of this season.

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Dance Plus 5 Contestants

This time 16 contestants were selected in Dance Plus 5, which were divided into four teams. The captains of those teams were Dharmesh, Puneet Karishma, and Suresh.

Out of these 16 contestants, 3 contestants from the team of Puneet and Suresh each, and 2 contestants from the team of Dharmesh and Krishna each made it to the top ten of Dance Plus Season 5.

Rupesh Bane
Contemporary Dharmesh Yelande
Janam CrewLyricalPunit Pathak
Subrat – Sanchita
Contemporary Punit Pathak
Deepika – Rupesh
Popping Karishma Chavan
Bhim BahadurLyricalPunit Pathak
CandybotsPoppingKarishma Chavan
Ace Crew
Urban Choreography Suresh Mukund
Monark Trivedi
BboyingSuresh Mukund
Nritya Kala KendraBharatnatyamDharmesh Yelande
Tron BrothersAnimationSuresh Mukund


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