Hotel Mumbai Review: Dev Patel and Anupam Kher is just Superb


Hotel Mumbai Review: Hotel Mumbai, What a movie! This movie is based on the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. On 26 November 2008, 10 terrorists from Pakistan carried out terrorist activity in five different places in Mumbai.

Hotel Mumbai Cast:

The film stars Dev Patel and Anupam Kher in the lead roles. Anupam Kher is in the role of Chief Chef in this film. At the same time, Dev Patel plays the role of a Sikh waiter named Arjun. Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi, Tilda Cobham-Hervey (Australian family) has also performed well.

Anupam Kher believes that the guest is a god. The casting of this film is quite good. Anupam Kher and Dev Patel have done justice to their roles.

Hotel Mumbai Review


The film is made with an Australian family at the center. They are guests at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. Four out of Ten terrorists enter Mumbai’s Taj Hotel and fire indiscriminately.

The Australian family is also trapped in the Taj Hotel in Mumbai during terrorist attacks. Anupam Kher and Dev Patel save around 100 lives with their intelligence.

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The director has done justice to the story of this film to a great extent. Many scenes of the film make you emotional. How terrorists enter every room of the Taj Hotel and kill people seems quite scary.

The manner in which Anupam Kher and Dev Patel save the lives of those trapped in the hotel is shown in a thrilling manner. The film also holds you till the end.

The film is quite different from Ram Gopal Varma’s The Attacks of 26/11. Ramu has shown the 26/11 terrorist attacks from the perspective of the Mumbai Police. In Hotel Mumbai, this terrorist attack is shown from the perspective of an Australian family.

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Hotel Mumbai Review

I will give this film 3.5 stars. This film makes you emotional and makes you think and also hold it until the end.

Rating: 3.5


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