How to Increase Confidence Level


How to increase confidence level? Is it important for an actor to be confident?

Here are the answers to all your questions related to confidence level and acting. Actually, acting & confidence are mutually connected. The one who is confident can be an actor and the one who is an actor must be confident. It’s hard to play any character without confidence.


While observing a character, an actor must be confident to play it. ¬†Observing the format of acting and character is possible only when you are confident. It is very important to observe character carefully and thoroughly before playing it. The way in which character is walking, talking, his gestures, his movements, everything. And it’s our confidence only, which bring out the same character from us.

“if you are not confident, you are not an actor”. And yes it is the condition for every actor to be confident.

Now let’s come to the point of How to Increase Confidence Level. How does it come?

  • Reading,
  • Watching,
  • Discussion, and
  • Debate.

All the above activities increase our knowledge. While reading, watching and discussing something we understand the story and come to know about the different characters. And as much as we do these activities we observe the characters completely and it does increase our confidence level automatically. And debate… Debate plays an important role in increasing confidence level. We come to know our ability while debating. The debate doesn’t mean fight, It is a simple way of expressing our thoughts and listening to others thoughts.

Now let I tell give you a key to success. You can also call it a remedy to know how your confidence level is? Do practice in every morning as you wake up.

Do recall everything you did yesterday. Remember everything in an ascending order from morning to night. And if your brain stops somewhere in recalling your yesterday’s activities, understand that your confidence level is weak somewhere. Forgetting your yesterday’s activities is a breaker of your confidence level. But if you are able to recall everything in sequence, without any interruption than your confidence level is good.

And it’s a small suggestion for every actor that you don’t need to take any vitamin supplement, tonic or medicine for increasing confidence level. It is all about inner strength.

And remember it “an actor without confidence is a ‘Tractor”.


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