How to prepare yourself before audition


How to prepare yourself before audition – If you are going to give any audition, you should carry one more dress in your bag. If you are a boy, you should wear a t-shirt, jeans, blazer or jacket, or anything which suits you. You should carry a cap ( if required ) … And if you are a girl, you should carry one western and one indian dress. Both should have a goggle (if u have). sometimes bad smell is coming out from your body or mouth due to travelling, or eating onions, garlic, so you should have a deo perfume/ mouth fresher. Water may not be available at audition places sometimes , so you should have to carry your own water bottle. When you reach to your audition venue, you should go to washroom to make yourself fresh. Never smoke or eat chewing- gum near the audition place because it makes a bad impression on casting After getting fresh you should meet casting director (casting coordinator) and ask him for the script..

Oftenly script may not be available, so you should have your own script by which you can impress the casting director through your performance. Your script should have content of COMEDY, EMOTION, TRAGEDY, etc. which you can perform well..

If casting director provide you a script according to your character, first you should read the script properly, then you should think about that character, you should feel the mood of script which will boost up your performance level. After that when you get ready with your script, just wait for your turn. When you get call for audition on platform opposite the camera, perform well without any hesitation, with full energy of confidence…

If you forget any words or any lines from the script, please do not interrupt your performance. Please do not stop your auditon. Please don’t say sorry sorry sorry to show your uncomfortableness. Your performance should be neat and clean with confidence, without any hurdles, obstacles. The most important thing is that how is your performance ! This is your auditon where your confidence and performance counts and nothing else…  GOOD LUCK




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