How To Register Song Lyrics in Screenwriter Association


Process of registration of song lyrics in Screenwriter Association. This article is very important for lyric writers. If you are a lyricist read it carefully..

A lyricist get chance to show their talent only if they meet Music directors. But some of the lyric writers who do not stay in mumbai. They talk on phone with music directors and give their lyrics to music director on phone. May be the music director will listen to you, but on phone he will not appreciate your lyrics. He will ask you to Try next time or write something else. But after 1 or 2 years you will hear your own song, which was written by you. The main lines of the song is most important, if it is beautiful, it can be used by adding different stanza written by other lyricist. It means your lyrics has been stolen. If you are an outsider (not from mumbai), and you give your lyrics on phone, it can be misused and you will be cheated.

Now here are the suggestions and remedy for you

If you want to keep your lyrics safe, if you don’t want your lyrics to be used without your knowledge so follow these legal steps


Film writer association which is now named Screenwriter association is an association for script and lyric writers. It’s office is in andheri west in mumbai. You just have to become member of this association.

*Membership process

For getting membership provide the following documents :-

1)Xerox copy of your AADHAR card and PAN card. 2 passport size photos.

2)There is fees for membership, which is 2.5k-3k. And some more information like name, contact number, etc.

After submitting all these you will get a card with an ID.

Once you will become member of screenwriter association you will be allowed to get your lyrics registered. It will cost only Rs. 5-10 for per page registration. They will put a stamp on each page.

Now your lyrics are completely safe. Even after this also someone steals your lyrics you can complaint against them in screenwriter association. Follow rules suggested by screenwriter association. If you do not get result in your favor, then you can go high court. You are allowed to raise your voice in high court because you are legally registered member. Keep original hard copy of your registered lyrics for legal work.

If you are outsider, you can also get your lyrics registered online. And the process will be same.

One more suggestion

Avoid discussion on phone. Do not provide your lyrics to music director on phone, because a song can be developed after sitting with music director.

And if you are from middle class or you have financial crisis then also you can shift in mumbai. There is a great option for lyricist to do job in any sector, because a lyricist doesn’t need to work on lyrics full time.

If your songs will get selected you will receive payments and your song will get copyright. You will get royalty for the same lyrics throughout your life. If you have ability to write beautiful and attractive lyrics, and you are confident about your work, so mumbai is welcoming you. Come and show your talent.



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