How to Watch Jake Paul vs Deji Boxing Match Press Conference Live


Jake Paul and Deji are going to meet after 3 months for a Boxing Match Press Conference in Los Angeles. Jake is little brother of Logan Paul and Deji is little brother of KSI. On August 25, 2018 Logan will fight with KSI and Jake is going to fight with Deji also known as Comedy Shorts Gamer. Jake Paul vs Deji Boxing Match Press Conference is going to held on this Saturday at 12 PM PST in Los Angeles,

KSI vs Logan Paul Youtube Boxing Fight Press Conference Live

Jake Paul have 15 Million Subscriber where Deji have 9 million Subscriber on Youtube. Jake Paul vs Deji Boxing Match Press Conference will be Live Stream on both of them Youtube Channel. If you want to present in Press Conference then visit Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Subscribers are invited in press conference.

In January 2018 KSI called Paul brothers for youtube Boxing Match. Jake and Logan talked shit about KSI because he called them for boxing match. Deji uses abusive words for Jake. After lots of Youtube Drama finally Boxing Match is going to held in August 25, 2018.

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Watch Logan vs KSI & Jake Paul vs Deji Boxing Match Press Conference 



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