Internet Wala Love 15th February 2019 Written Episode: Goons beat up Jai

Internet Wala Love 15th February 2019 Written Episode: The Episode begins with Jai and Adhya who were doing romance. Then some boys come and start to tease them. On the other side,

Jai’s grandpa shouts at everyone and says to find jai and Adhya. The guys say that we also want to enjoy Adhya. Jai starts to fight with them Karan and pk also come to give support. They all guys run and Jai’s grandpa shouts at him and says u can’t meet each other till the engagement.

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In the morning Karan goes to see Adhya and ask uncle that why u leave yesterday. He says that my head was paining so I leave. But Karan remembers that I came yesterday but uncle was not there. Jai says her do I call Adhya for ring selection. She says no we don’t call the pride for ring selection and Ragini is here. Then rain selects the ring for her and goes to show Jai but her finger get trapped in the ring. They decide to go to a jeweler.

On the other side, Adhya thinks that jai had come in her room she goes and checks but there was no one. She tells him to come in front. Adhya’s dad hears her noise and goes to check, he on the light and someone pushes him and run. Adhya’s dad shouts at Adhya. She calls jai and shouts before jai could speak she end the call.

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