Internet Wala Love 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Blast in the court

Internet Wala Love 27th February 2019 Written Episode will update here soon, till then read the last episode. The episode begins with Aadhya who says I’ll never leave u alone jai. Jai says me too. And then jai goes to drop Adhya.

On the other side Vihaan ask Karan why are u doing this. He says u will know this later. Vihaan thinks I need to do something. Jai and Adhya goes to Jai’s house and saw his mom is talking to someone. Jai goes to ask but Adhya stops her and says I think she is talking something important. On the other side Karan torture Vihaan is do what he says. After some torture Vihaan get ready.

Adhya was going home and then jai get hurt. Adhya take him in his room. Vihaan had set the current in the lightbulb switch. They both enters the room and sit. Jai says I have something for our engagement. Adhya says first let me turn on lights. She goes but jai stop her and starts showing gift. Now jai goes to turn on the lights. But his mom ask him that do u are in room. Jai says yes.

Adhya stops jai to on lights because is your mom will saw me then it will not be right. Adhya was talking to jai but then he sleep. Jai inform Karan and tell to say diya. Karan says ok and end the call. Karan says let her sleep because I’m will execute my plan tomorrow.

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In the morning Jai’s mom ask Rupa why there is sound outside. She says our whole order had got cancelled. They say something is showing on TV. Rupa turn on the TV and they say that by eating Mittal Bhujiya many people need to be admitted in the hospital. Because of this everyone was shouting outside. Internet Wala Love 27th February 2019 Written Episode.

Rupa opens the door and explains them but they are not listening. They decide to put ink on her face but Adhya supports rupa and send everyone. Jai’s grandpa says thanks to Adhya. Then Aadhya gets a call by Karan and he says shristi is not well and she is doing vomiting.

Adhya and jai goes to see her. Doctor says that this is good poisoning. Adhya says we need to do something. On the other side police comes to say arrest Rupa. Rupa ask who gave u this complaint. She says Adhya. On the other side Karan and Ragini are very happy. Here is the Internet Wala Love 27th February 2019 Written Episode.

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