Ishq Subhan Allah 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update


Ishq Subhan Allah 11th September 2018 Written Episode – Scene begins from the same place where Zara and Kabeer are kidnapped. Maulana is such a clever man that he and Miraj attack on Kabeer’s father but anyhow Kabeer and police manage it all. Maulana and Miraj are caught by police.

Zara and Kabeer’s mother is waiting for both of them. Zara and Kabeer come along with Kabeer’s father. Everyone is very happy after they come. Zara asks about the girl who was dead? Then we see at police station parents of that dead girl are investigating for their daughter.

Zara and Kabeer are meeting with everyone. Zara’s father read namaz for thanking God. After everyone else move Zara ask Kabeer about the unlucky girl who is dead and her parents. She requests Kabeer to meet parents of that girl and help them to get dead body of their daughter.

Next Zara and Kabeer are sitting before inspector at the police station. They are thanking the inspector for getting out that dead body from the coffin. After that, both of them go to that girl house and inform their parents about their daughter died. Her mother cries badly but after that, they go for the further process of a funeral. Zara and Kabeer also go with them.

Zara and Kabeer come back home and their room is decorated with rose flowers and candles. Zara thinks that it’s Kabeer who did it but then they come to know that Kabeer’s mother plan it and other family members decorated the room. Kabeer’s mother expresses her happiness as Zara is declared innocent in a case. Everyone celebrates but Kabeer’s bhabhi come and tell that second divorce of Zara and Kabeer has been started. It is such a shocking news on a great occasion.


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