Ishq Subhan Allah 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Give him injection

Ishq Subhan Allah 1st January 2019 Written Episode will update here soon, till then read the last episode. In the last episode, Kabeer scolds Rukhsar badly which hurts her and she goes with Zara. Zara’s mother-in-law has called her and shows her holy book “Quran” gifted by her mother to her in her marriage. She tell her to remember her marriage with Kabeer and warn her if Rukhsar will get her memory back and she will take Kabeer from her.

Zara sware on a book that if god has gifted Rukhsar for her purpose then she will accept it. Her purpose is to let her husband work. At out house, Zara let Rukhsar sleep on the bed and arrange bedsheet for herself on the floor. Rukhsar tell her that she can’t manage to sleep without listening story from Kabeer. Zara make a call to Kabeer. Zara make her remember that Rukhsar is his responsibility and he should come to pamper her.

Zeenat is talking with her mother-in-law about Zara that she is using her sister. Suddenly Kabeer comes and tell Zeenat to go to handle Rukhsar but she deny because Rukhsar will not understand. His mother tell him to go.

Zara cover her face and come out of the room. Kabeer also remember his promise and he cover his face. He come in the room and lock it but then he feel bad and open the lock. He ask Rukhsar to go out and call Zara inside. Till than he cover Zara’s side with a curtain so that he won’t see her face. Zara has come inside and she lie on her bedsheet. Kabeer is a residing story to Rukhsar and touch the floor. He tell Rukhsar to ask her friend to sleep on a bed. Zara Deny.

Rukhsar take mobile from Kabeer and play the game. After sometime Rukhsar sleep. Kabeer stand up and see a pipe is leaking. He run to tie it. He calls Zara and about to turn but Zara stop him and ask him to remember his promise. She gives scarf and other pieces of clothes to fix it. Kabeer tie it all and Zara help him but don’t show her face.

Kabeer tell Zara that he is leaving because he will read namaz now. Then ask her why hasn’t she showed her face to him even she had a chance to show. Zara tell him her purpose is not to win but to make him win.


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