Ishq Subhan Allah 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Alina is searching for Amir

Ishq Subhan Allah 20th February 2019 Written Episode: The episode begins with Kabeer’s house where Zara is crying in her room and tell him about how mother-in-law is misunderstood. Kabeer hugs her and asks not to get worried. But when Zara talk about love marriage Kabeer again warn her.

Next morning Alina is reading namaz and requesting god to help her. Suddenly she receives a message in which Amir has wrote to meet her at the bus stop and they will run away. Alina thinks about what Kabeer said and what Zara said. She decides to go.

After sometime everyone has been gathered to have breakfast. Zeenat comes and says Alina has run away. Everyone start finding her. Zara makes her call but Zeenat provokes Aisha. Aisha blames Zara and requests to give the address of Alina. Kabeer handles her and Zara continuously says that she doesn’t know anything. Kabeer tries to handle things.

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Amir is sitting in his house and seeing papers of divorce which he had made to give to Kabeer and decide to go away from Alina. He got a call from Kabeer. Kabeer is warning him but Amir denies that he doesn’t know where is Alina.

Alina is roaming at the bus stop and try to contact Amir. She makes him call and tell about the message. Amir asks her to stand there and he will come to her. Amir makes a call to Zara and tells that Alina is fine. Kabeer gets misunderstood again and snitches Zara to the car.

Alina meets Amir and hugs her. Alina shows his message. Amir tells he hasn’t sent it. And Kabeer comes to hit him. Zara stops Kabeer but he continuously hit Amir. Alija stop Kabeer which insult him. Zara stops Alina. People are Watching this drama. Kabeer takes Alina to the car.

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