Ishq Subhan Allah 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara is dressed

Ishq Subhan Allah 4th January 2019 Written Episode will update here soon, till then read the last episode. in the last episode begins with Rukhsar and Zeenat issue. Rukhsar tells her that she remembers Zara slapped her. Zeenat tries to ask what else does she remember but Rukhsar just remembers that Zara slapped her.

Zara got a call from Rukhsar, she tells her that she wanna slap her as she wanna take revenge. Kabeer heard this and make her understand to apologize Zara. Zeenat is listening to this. Zara remembers why she slapped Rukhsar but how can she tell her now. Suddenly a maid comes and asks for some ingredients from Zara. Zara asks who need it and she tells Kabeer. Zara makes a call to Kabeer who is cooking snacks. He tells Zara that he is cooking something.

Kabeer comes to Rukhsar and they sit opposite a curtain so that they can’t see each other but after finishing their namaz curtain flows and Kabeer see Zara. Kabeer hugs her and tells her a husband can’t stay away from his wife for a long time. They start having food which is cooked by Kabeer. Kabeer tells her that he cooked it with her ingredients. Rukhsar sees all this and tells this to Zeenat.

Kabeer father is too upset because Kabeer is loving Zara instead of obeying his father. Zeenat tells him she will help him. Everyone is sitting. Alina is doing head massage of her father. Rukhsar also wishes to do it and Zeenat suggests her to do it with Kabeer. Kabeer denies but she does. Zeenat do head massage of Kashan. Zara comes with some food item and feeds everyone because she made a wish which is fulfilled. Rukhsar gets up to slap Zara but Kabeer hold her hand and get angry. Kabeer father and Zeenat feel bad after watching this.

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