Ishq Subhan Allah 5th February 2019 Written Episode: Salma cries for help

Ishq Subhan Allah 5th February 2019 Written Episode: In this episode Kabeer is doing some writing work and Zara comes to him. She asks him why she minds meeting of Alina with Amir as she just went to thank him. Kabeer explains her rules of the Quran. Zara remembers her first meeting with Kabeer when he washed his hand after shaking with Zara.  Kabeer tells her about Alina’s security.

Alina is in her room. She got a call from Amir. He asks him why Kabeer isn’t picking up his call. Alina explains him about Kabeer’s nature. Amir ask her if they are wrong or not? Then ask to meet but she denies. Amir asks for video calling. They see each other. Suddenly Kabeer comes and Alina hides mobile under the bedsheet. Kabeer says sorry for bad behave and give her sweets. Then ask to be aware from Amir.

Next morning Kashan and Zeenat are having breakfast in their room. Zeenat tells Kashan to use their child for family bonding. Amaan comes and asks why they aren’t having breakfast with family and run towards the hall.

Aisha is crying. Kabeer talks to his parents about the marriage of Alina. Amaan comes and asks to have breakfast with them. Kabeer loves him and allows to be with them. Amaan tells this to his parents.

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Zeenat and Kashan are in a car where Salamat and Sameer come and warn them. Zeenat tells them about Kazi Sahab lie. Alina has come to the exam center where Amir has also come for taking exams of graduation.

Kazi Sahab is with Kabeer and Alina. Kabeer asks him about a marriage of Alina. He asks him to wait because Salamat and everyone else knows that Amir is married to Alina. Kazi Sahab is going in the car with Kabeer and Zara. Kabeer tells him about CCTV camera and his security from Salamat. Sameer has decided to kill Kazi Sahab. Ishq Subhan Allah 5th February 2019 Written Episode will be updated here soon.

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