Ishq Subhan Allah 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayesha Cries

Ishq Subhan Allah 8th January 2019 Written Episode – In this episode Kabeer aunty keep insulting him which is unbearable for Kabeer and Zara. Zara’s parents also make her remember that they use to go their home for taking food and now they are flying in the air. Tabbu aunty says that they beg before them because they were poor but Kabeer father is enough rich to provide everything to him. And then she tells Zara that her husband must be famous Kazi in the city but he is unemployed and goes but Rukhsar stop her and apply cake on her face.

Her mother-in-law come to meet her and appreciate her work. She is proud on Zara and thanks her for bearing all this because she was only her who bear insult and hate of family. She promises Zara to be with her in Changing Kabeer’s life.

Kabeer is talking with his father about his Tabbu aunty that why he asked for money to her. He again explains the wrong thing to Kabeer that her aunty seen poverty and now his son is earning well that’s why she did it. He warns him that if he will start earning then he will get arrogant. Kabeer again get agree not to earn money.

Next morning Zara and Kabeer and Zara has come out in the market to purchase something. Rukhsar is unable to walk properly as she has worn high heels and she ask Zara to purchase a blanket for her also.

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Kabeer is ready to go somewhere. Zara reaches home. Rukhsar asks Zara to take her with wherever she is going but Zara tell her she doesn’t have extra money to pay in auto and she will go by walking. Kabeer asks Zara if she is going to meet. Zara says yes. He approaches her to go with him in the car as they are getting late. Zara goes with him.

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