Ishq Subhan Allah 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Can Kabir become poor for real

Ishq Subhan Allah 9th January 2019 Written Episode – In this episode Zara and Kabeer have come to an unknown place where a beggar tells Kabeer that he has sold the blanket given by Zara in the market. He takes them to his house. Imran is also with them. They go there and see the critical condition of his family and house. He tells them that he didn’t have money to purchase food items for his family that’s why he sold it out and usually beggars do this to fulfill their necessities.

At Shariya board Kabeer and Zara are talking about Poverty. Kabeer express that they people already give things to poor people and what else can they do? Sharia board is also providing things. Zara gives a reply that people living in ac and get full facilities that’s why they can’t understand feelings of poor people. Kazi Sahab declares that sharia board will provide basic necessities food item to poor people. Kabeer denies but Zara explains the real meaning of poverty.

When they get back to the house, Kabeer tells his mother about what he saw and he is upset about it. She asks him to feel what Zara is bearing now. She calls Zara and tells her about the success of their plan. Kabeer goes to Rukhsar and asks her where she and Zara went. She tells him everything.


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Kabeer comes to Zara and blames her that she is so tricky. Zara explains to him why she asks someone else to call him because he may think that it’s her trick to show reality. Zara makes him realize what he should do to understand poverty. He should come and live with her then only he will come to understand how to earn, how to manage money. Kabeer again tells bad things to her and go.

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