Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi will meet Kiara’s parents



Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: In this episode, we see Kiara is talking with Abhi. After that, she goes to her mother Pragya and King also come. Kiara is very happy as King gave him a surprise. Tanu is getting worried and Pragya also. Both of them don’t want Abhi to get to know about Kiara.

Tanu then plans a trick. She sees a waiter in school and throws her cards and money on the floor. She starts collecting it. When the waiter comes and hides rupees 100 in his pocket Tanu stops him and threaten him. Then she gives him rupees 2000 and asks him to lock Abhi somewhere till the prize ceremony get over. She asks him to call Abhi by using the name of Kiara then only he will come.

The waiter goes and calls Abhi. Abhi is following him. Pragya is going and Disha is roaming there only. Disha is thinking if Pragya is happy with King. Suddenly Pragya and Disha got stuck. Disha stops her. Pragya tells her that she has some work and she has to go. Abhi is going with the waiter. He stops and asks him where is he taking him but he uses Kiara name. Abhi goes again.

A teacher sees Abhi and says that he is so cute and how come he marriage so early. Tanu has heard it. She starts asking questions to that teacher. She explains that Abhi is a star and anyone can have a crush on him, even King Singh wife too. After listening to this Tanu attack on her. She manages to go anyhow but King comes and threatens Tanu that she know who attacked Pragya at her house. Tanu tries to hide but King talks so rudely.

Pragya and Disha are talking. Disha complains Pragya that she hide things from her. Disha tell her that she love Abhi yet. But Pragya tell her that she doesn’t love him and if he was her partner then he must be with her and why not a single family member stopped Abhi when he threw Pragya out of the house. Click here to read the full last episode.


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