Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya says she likes King


In this episode Pragya and Disha are talking about Pragya and Abhi’s relation. Pragya is denying that she doesn’t care and love Abhi and she hugs Disha. Tanu is watching them from behind and then Pragya goes.
Kiara and King are waiting for Pragya. Kiara tell King about her superman that she can even replace him with her superman.
Abhi has reached to the store room where is he locked by the waiter. Abhi is finding Kiara but no one come there.

Pragya is passing from school and she ask that waiter about Abhi but he run from there. Then that teacher stuck to Pragya. Pragya say sorry to her and she appreciates Pragya for her behavior.

Abhi is trying to unlock him but door handle got broken. Pragya heard his voice as he is shouting for help. Pragya follows the voice and go into the room but Abhi cover her with a blanket and start hitting as he thinks that it is someone who locked him. Pragya shouts and Abhi come to know that it is Pragya who came to help him. Both of them starts talking about prize ceremony and other things. The Clever waiter come and lock both of them.

Aliya has also come. She meets Tanu. Both of them start fighting as always. It’s their habit to disappoint each other. Aliya scold Tanu for locking Abhi. She says that it’s incorrect decision. Tanu doesn’t understand.
Pragya and Abhi Starts fighting. Pragya scold him for talking instead of getting out of the room. Abhi says that it is Tanu who planned to lock him in.


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