Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya is pregnant

Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2019 Written Episode: The episode begins with King’s house where Tanu has come to meet him and tell him about the pregnancy of Pragya. She asks him to take action otherwise she would.

Pragya is in her room where Disha is insisting to apply a face pack. Tanu is watching this. Everyone is doing preparation for the party. Tanu has decided to harm Pragya and her baby she goes towards the kitchen where she sees mother-in-law of Mitali is preparing juice for Pragya.

She has a bottle of poison and she tries to add it in juice anyhow but couldn’t. At the end Pragya let her go to send a maid. Tanu sees papaya in freeze and remembers the warning of a doctor. Abhi has come to meet King and invite him to the party. King is upset but happy for Pragya.

Sarita is a maid. She comes to give juice to Pragya. Pragya denies and she remembers the scene of the kitchen in which Tanu is mixing something in juice and deny to give this juice to Pragya. Tanu threatens her to blame her for stealing her bracelet.

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Tanu is standing out of the room and ask Sarita to force Pragya. Sarita forces her and Pragya keep the glass with her and let her go.

King is talking with Kiara and ask her to promise. Disha come and Kiara tell her about King is coming and Abhi will gift bracelet to Pragya. Abhi goes to Pragya.

Pragya is about to drink juice. Tanu heard the voice of Abhi and hide. Abhi comes and eats cucumber of Pragya and suddenly glass of juice fall down. Pragya goes to wash her face and laugh on Abhi. She asks Abhi to promise not to have a drink at the party. Tanu again decides to play a new trick to kill the baby of Pragya.

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