Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2019 Written Episode: Abhi asks Pragya to listen after marriage

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2019 Written Episode: In this episode, Abhi is continuing his talk about Pragya with Disha. He says that Pragya says Kiara is the daughter of King then how will she get ready to marry him? And if King has already proposed her then?

Disha raises his confidence that Pragya’s expressions don’t show that King has proposed her and this time he has to make Pragya ready to marry. Pragya is seeing Mangalsutra of Neha and thinking about Abhi. Poorab has come and ask Disha about her plan. He gets happy and they all three hugs each other. Tanu sees this.

Pragya has slept. King come to her room and take out a mangalsutra from his pocket and tell Pragya that he will marry her after the marriage of Neha and Tarun.

Next morning Pragya wake up and Kiara tell her that Abhi made a call and ask when Pragya will reach his house? Does Kiara ask questions about Mangalsutra and this and that?

Abhi is helping servants at home. He is very happy. Dadi sees him and makes rangoli. Tanu see Abhi and think why Abhi is happy? Aliya comes and tells her that it’s normal and she should not jealous of Abhi’s happiness. She moves towards his room.

Pragya has come. Abhi is staring her. Pragya comes to dadi and stands on rangoli mistakenly. She says sorry but dadi tell her it’s good fortune. Abhi put garland around her neck and behave as it has fallen mistakenly.

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Tanu is finding things in Abhi’s room. Disha sees him and gets afraid if Tanu will get the real report. She interrupts her and asks what is she doing? Tanu makes excuses.

Abhi asks Pragya to climb on the stair to arrange flowers. Pragya denies because she knows he wants to catch her after she would fall but dadi insists her and she gets ready.

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