Me Too Movement in India


Me Too Movement in India

  • What is the #metoo movement?

A very sweet and short definition of #metoo is “it’s an opportunity to present publicly, assault conducted by someone on you”. It doesn’t matter whether it happened before ten-year ago or twenty. The actual reason behind the #metoo movement is to know about the cruel intentions hidden in Decent personalities. And this campaign allowed everyone to speak about the harassment they face at the workplace.

#metoo is adopted in Bollywood from Hollywood. In Hollywood also this movement has shaken everyone. #metoo flow is affecting producers, directors, writers, actors, and even some of the politician’s Life too.

But there is one more truth behind the beginning of the #metoo campaign is that it was started in the “Malayalam film industry” in 2017. Then it was widely spread in Hollywood and at present in Bollywood

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  • List of victims and Accused in India
  1. Nana Patekar (Actor)

Tanushree Dutta (film actress)  -the allegation is to misbehave on sets of film “Horn ok please ” in the year 2008. In this case, Tanushree has also included the name of Choreographer Ganesh Acharya (that she feel bad touch while rehearsing).

Result – Nana Patekar himself left the film houseful. Sushant Singh, chairman of CINNTA has sent a legal notice to Nana Patekar.

Nana Patekar advocate has also sent a legal notice to Tanu Shree Dutta.

  1. Vikas Bahl (Writer, Director, Producer)

Anonymous Woman (crew member Phantom)– allegation of sexual misconduct on her at the time of promoting “Bombay Velvet” film in 2015. Later actress Kangana Ranaut And her co-star in the film Queen, Nayani Dixit also supported the girl and Exposed Vikas Bahl’s intentions for them.

Result – Phantom film company announced its dissolution on 5th October 2018. All partners posted a statement on Twitter in which they announced the dissolution of the company and moving on to independent projects.

Vikas Bahl’s film “Super 30”, in which he was Director has also been stopped.

Reaction – Vikas Bahl Ex-wife Richa Dubey has come in front to speak in favor of Bahl.

  1. Alok Nath

Vinita Nanda (writer, producer) – Vinita Nanda posted her statement on Twitter with the #metoo “Sanskari babu” who assaulted her and conducted rape on her before 19 years.

Sandhya Mridul (tv and film actress) – allegation of harassment On Alok Nath.

Anonymous Woman (crew member ) – sexual misconduct on the sets of the film “Hum Sath Sath Hain”.

Also actress Himani Shivpuri, Renuka Shahane, Deepika Amin supported all the victims and Stated about Alok Nath Dual’s personality on Twitter.

Reaction – Alok Nath talked about it in an interview and he said ” the rape must have happened but Someone else would have done it. Well, I don’t want to talk much about it. As for the matter, if it has come out, it will be stretched.

Alok Nath’s wife Ashu, who was the best friend of Vinita Nanda has moved to court and filed a complaint against her for defamation.

Result – “CINTAA” (cine and tv artist association) is supporting Women who suffered and chairman Sushant Singh has sent a legal notice to Alok Nath.

  1. Rajat Kapoor (actor/ director)

Sandhya Menon (journalist) and two others – Rajat Kapoor is charged with the allegation of sexual misconduct by a girl. She posted on Twitter how Rajat Kapoor met him and try to kiss her repeatedly in his car.

Anonymous woman – an actress also shared her experience in which Rajat Kapoor asked her For a shoot with her in an empty house. He never calls her on set.

Sandhya Menon (journalist) – Sandhya Menon shared her tweet on her Twitter account. She claimed during her telephonic interview with Rajat Kapoor, He asked her about her vital statistics and if she is as sexy as she sounds.

Results – Rajat Kapoor apologizes for his mistakes by sharing a tweet on his Twitter account.

  1. Sajid Khan (Filmmaker)

Saloni Chouhan (Actress)- according to Saloni she was working as an assistant director with Sajid Khan. Saloni accused Sajid of mentally and emotionally torturing her. He used to call her at odd times and ask her to stay with him. He also striped before Saloni to show her body part.

Karishma Upadhyay (journalist) – Karishma also expresses how Sajid Khan made her feel uncomfortable with his questions. It was a long story and the conclusion is that after talking about films and others Sajid walked out of the room to show Karishma a DVD. “when he returned his body part was out of his dress and when Karishma tried to Leave, he stopped her and tried to kiss forcefully. She then pushed him and left the room”.

Rachel White (actress) – Rachel Shared an incident, according to which she went to meet Sajid Khan for the film “Humshakals” at his house. Sajid’s maid took her to his bedroom. Sajid was on the treadmill. He asked her to strip for him as he wants to see how does she look in a bikini. But Rachel asks him to go through her picks, which she already had sent Via mail.  Then he asked her to sit on the bed with him. Later he demanded to seduce him within five minutes if she will succeed then only she will be selected for the film. But she left by saying she is not comfortable.

Reaction – * Farah Khan (director/producer) sister of Sajid Khan express her feelings that if Sajid is wrong then he should be punished.

* Dia Mirza (actress) – she also Mentions in a tweet How Sajid Khan is, as she did a cameo in his film “Hey, baby”. She called him obnoxious and sexist.

Result – Akshay Kumar stopped shooting an upcoming film “Housefull 4” And also stated that he will not work with those who did wrong to women. He will not work with Sajid until unless he will not be proved innocent.


  1. Bhushan Kumar (Chairman T-series)

Anonymous woman (actress) – A model-actress stated by an anonymous account on Twitter that Bhushan Kumar allegedly offered her three films contract with Bhushan Kumar company.

Reaction – Bhushan and his wife Divya Khosla Kumar denied the allegation. Divya compared Bhushan with Lord Krishna.

  1. Subhash Kapoor (Director)

Geetika Tyagi (actress) – Subhash Kapoor has been accused by Geetika Tyagi of sexual misconduct. She slapped him and also made a video of it in which Subhash’s wife Dimple is also present. Geetika shared the video on her Twitter account. Subhash accepted his mistake.

Result – Subhash was working with Aamir Khan on Bhushan Kumar “Moghul” but Aamir has left the film after knowing the news of Subhash Kapoor’s sexual misconduct. Aamir was also producing this film.

  1. Chetan Bhagat (Writer)

Ira Trivedi (Journalist ) and some other women – it’s a huge story between Ira Trivedi and Chetan Bhagat. Ira shares a tweet according to which Chetan Bhagat Sexually harassed her in the year 2010.

Result – Chetan Publicly apologize for sexually harassing Ira Trivedi and others but on Monday he shared a series of  Screenshots of mail sent by Ira in the year 2013 on Twitter in which she has mentioned miss you and kiss you to Chetan. Chetan clarifies that nothing happened in the year 2010 otherwise Ira would not have sent him mail and mention kiss you and miss you in it in the year 2013.  Ira rebuts Chetan Bhagat’s email claim. According to her, it’s pop culture salutations that Bhagat is twisting into signals and intentions.

  1. MJ Akbar (Member of Parliament for external affairs in Rajya Sabha)

Almost 14-15 women have accused MJ Akbar of sexual harassment. All it happened when Akbar Editor of the newspaper For 15 years.

Reaction – MJ Akbar has said he will not Quit as Union Minister Of State for External Affairs after being accused by several women journalists of sexual harassment.

  1. Subha Ghai (Director/Producer)

Anonymous Woman– A girl tweet with an anonymous account about How Subhash Ghai molest and raped her While she was assisting him.

Kate Sharma (tv actress and model) – Kate Sharma has also tweeted about Subhash Ghai. According to Kate Subhash Call her to his home. In the presence of 5-6 people, he asked her to give him a massage and after that when she went to wash her hand, he followed her and tried to hug and kiss her forcefully.

Reaction – Subhash Ghai Said he is in support of the #metoo movement but some girls are taking advantage of the movement and trying to harm his reputation. He also stated that his lawyer will take care of the matter.

  1. Luv Ranjan ( Director)

Anonymous (actress) – The actress tweet on Twitter by an anonymous account that casting for the film Pyar ka Punchnama was ongoing for which very few girls were shortlisted and called to the office of the producer. According to the girl, Luv asked her to strip down and allegedly ask her if she masturbated. After she went, she got messages from Ranjan for months.

Reaction – actress Nusrat Bharucha and Sonali Sehgal are in support of Luv Ranjan. They call the girl a liar. Later victim actress re-tweet about the different experiences of the different people. What she faced another actress must have not gone through it. Well. Luv Ranjan also Calls the actress a liar.

  1. Vinod Dua (Journalist)

Nistha Jain (filmmaker) – Nistha accused veteran journalist Vinod Dua of alleged sexual hate in 1989. Nistha was fresher in the industry at that time.

Reaction – Malika Dua (comedian) is the daughter of Vinod Dua. Malika is with her father. She stated it false allegations.

  1. Kailash Kher (Singer) and Toshi Sabri (singer)

Sona Mohapatra (Singer), Varsha Singh Dhanona (Singer) – both the Singers have shared their bad experiences with Kailash Kher. Varsha has posted a video online in which she said that Kailash wanted to meet her and went on to message her saying “I want to make love to you”. Also, she said in her video that Singer Toshi Sabri Force himself on her in the recording room. He offered liquor to her in the car and put his hand on her thigh.

Sona Mahapatra has written several tweets, where she accused Kailash Kher of harassing her.

  1. Ashish Patil ( YRF -vice president, brand partnership, talent management & Business and Creative head)

An anonymous woman shared on her Twitter account allegation that Ashish Patil harassed her on the pretext of offering her work at YRF.

Result – YRF Terminated the services of Ashish Patil.

  1. Utsav Chakraborty, Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba – (AIB actors and others )

Utsav Chakraborty is now an ex-comedian of AIB. He was accused by a woman for sexually harassing her. Same with Gursimran Khamba has happened. A woman accused Khamba of making drunk calls, emotionally blackmailing, and abusing her for not reciprocating his advances.

Tanmay Bhat is one of the chief comedians, co-founders,s, and CEOs at AIB has also been accused.

Result – Utsav all videos have been delisted from AIB. Khamba has got temporary leave until the truth reveal. Tanmay Bhat will step away from an association With the group.

  1. Jatin Das (Painter)

Nisha Bora (co-founder of a paper-making company) – she met Jatin Das 14 years back and he sexually harassed her. According to Nisha, her In-laws had a common connection with Jatin. She wrote that after the first meeting Jatin ask her to assist him. She was a huge fan of him. When she went to him at – khidki village Studio. He grabbed her and tried to kiss her the second day because on the first day his family was with him. However she push him and ask not to do this, but Jatin told her “common it would be nice or something like that. Lastly, she took her bag and ran home.

Reaction – Jatin Das calls it vulgar. He stated that he has not met her ever and if he did then also he had not molested her. Nandita Das (daughter of Jatin Das) also stated that she is with his father.

  1. Gaurang Doshi (film producer)

Flora Saini (actress) – Flora opened up about how her then-boyfriend, Producer Gaurang Doshi allegedly harassed and assaulted her in 2007.

Reaction – Gaurang Doshi spoke up in an interview that he was “victimized” and that the actress “put false allegations” Against him to gain publicity.

Actor Amitabh Bachchan is also ready to work with Gaurang in an upcoming film.


There is a list of some other actors – actresses who were harassed:-

  • Somi Ali was raped at the age of fourteen.
  • Sakib Salim was molested by a casting director. He put his hand in Sakib’s pants.
  • Ayushman Khurana was asked to show his private part to a casting director.
  • Sapna Bhavnani (celebrity hairstylist)stated in a tweet of Amitabh Bachchan that his support for women and #metoo is a lie. He is also wrong and she wants women to speak about his truth.




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