MTV Hustle Winner, Runner-Up, Prize Money, Finalists


India today got its first winner of Hustle. The show was premiered on 9th August 2019 and the grand finale was on 13th October 2019. Here is the MTV Hustle Winner, Runner-Up, Prize Money, Finalists Details.

MTV Hustle Winner

Raftaar, Nucleya, and Raja Kumari were the Judes and  Gaelyn Mendonca was the Host of this show. Rappers from all over India have taken part in became the winner of India’s first Rap reality show Hustle.

MTV Hustle provides an opportunity for aspiring rappers to show their talent to the entire world. EPR, M-Zee-Bella, Shloka, King Rocco, RCR are the finalists of MTV Hustle.

MTV Hustle Winner, Runner-Up, Prize Money

The winner of MTV Hustle Season 1 is M-Zee-Bella. He beat ECR in the grand finale of MTV Hustle. M-Zee-Bella got ₹ 5 Lakh Prize Money and Trophy.


  1. Deepak Singh [M-Zee-Bella] – Winner
  2. Santhanam [EPR] – Runner-Up
  3. Rahul Karn [Shloka]
  4. Arpan Kumar [King Rocco]
  5. Rohit Kumar [RCR]

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  1. EPR
  2. King Rocco
  3. M-Zee-Bella
  4. Shloka
  5. RCR
  6. Agsy
  7. Void
  8. Raeza
  9. Firaag
  10. Himan
  11. Shetty Saa
  12. Zack
  13. MC Heam
  14. Star Nick
  15. NeeruPal


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