Parsva upavistha konasana (Side seated wide angle pose) Steps , Benefits and Precautions


Side seated wide angle pose (Parsva upavistha konasana)

Side seated wide angle pose is an intermediate pose and very good for maintaining flexibility in your body. It needs a lot of efforts, and concentration. Practice it in the morning and on empty stomach.


  • Sit in staff pose, and extend your both legs. And press your thighs on floor, while you keep your legs and feet pointing directly towards the ceiling.
  • Lift up the front of your torso, by placing your hands behind you, and then lower it slowly. It is just to bring your body in right posture. You can also sit on one or two folded blankets.
  • Turn your torso towards right side.
  • Inhale and Lift your both the hands up, towards ceiling.
  • Now exhale and lower your body, along with your hands towards your right leg or hold your right feet with your left hand and put your right hand beside your right hip, and push the floor as you lift And lengthen right side of your rib cage away from your waist. Contract the right outer hip and press left thigh on the floor.
  • Now hold your feet with both the hands and bend your elbows to the sides while you lengthen your torso forward to your right leg.
  • Keep your both the legs straight and Extend your left inner thigh to ¬†right inner thigh.
  • Turn your abdomen and waist towards right and move your left rib cage to right to lengthen the right side.
  • If you can easily hold your feet with both the hands, than try to hold
  • your right wrist behind your foot with left hand.
  • You can stretch the left side of your body to bring symmetry to the pose, that allows you to go deeper without tension.
  • Try to touch your head on your knee. Hold for 5-10 breaths and extend time after regular practice.
  • Inhale and lift your torso and come back to the center. Now repeat the same with to left side.


  • This pose can be done in different way. In which you have to sit in staff pose and extend your legs as wide as you can and lower your body on the floor in front of you.
  • You can keep your hands near your head while practicing it or you can hold your right foot with right hand and left foot with left hand.

Benefits :-

  • This posture stimulates and toned the abdominal organs and ¬†good for waist and stomach fat reduction.
  • It activates the core muscles and bring flexibility in your body.
  • It opens the hips and deeply stretches back of the legs.
  • It makes spine stronger.

Contradiction/ Precautions :-

  • If you have recent or chronic low back or hip injury than don’t practice this pose.
  • Don’t practice during pregnancy.
  • If you are facing any problem in groin or hamstring, than you should not practice this pose.
  • If you are not able to hold your foot while performing this pose you can use a belt. Tie a belt in your feet and hold it instead of your foot and stretch your body downward, don’t pull your leg up.


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