Pashchimuttasana Seated Forward Bend Steps , Benefits and Precautions


Seated forward bend (pashchimuttasana)

Seated forward bend or seated forward fold is very easy and useful asana for beginners. It helps in improving lower and upper body flexibility by stretching the body. It tones the abdominal muscles also. And this asana is good for girls because it reduces cramps during mensuration  problem and solves hormonal issues. If you want to improve your body flexibility , so try this asana.


  • Sit on mat i staff pose (Dandasana). Inhale and lift your arms up over your head. Stretch your arms towards the ceiling.
  • Exhale and Lower your torso,  from hips towards your legs. Reach the hands to the toes, feet or ankles.
  • Try to touch your head on your knees.
  • For deepening the stretch you can gently pull your torso and hand with the help of your arms.
  • Keep Breathing for 3-5 breaths in beginning.
  • To release the Pose Inhale and lift up your torso along with your hands Slowly.

Benefits :-

  • This pose is very good for digestion and appetite.
  • Seated forward bend pose calms the nervous system and emotions and also stimulates the urinary and reproductive system.
  • It reduces fat from your waist and stomach.
  • It’s helpful in relieving mensuration  pain and menopause symptoms.
  • It improves sleep and relief insomnia.
  • Also reduces anxiety and fatigue.


  • If you have back pain or injured back, than you should avoid practicing it.
  • Patient of asthma and diarrhea are not allowed to practice it.
  • If you have any recent or chronic injury to the arms, shoulders, hips or ankles, than stop practicing this asana.
  • Pregnant women can practice only half bend, as it put pressure on stomach so don’t try to touch your feet during pregnancy.

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