Priya Mohane


Hello friends…

I am Priya Mohane,
a simple girl who came to Mumbai 

before 5 years from Indore (MP).

Mumbai was a CITY OF DREAM for me,
but when I came to Mumbai…………I came to know that things were not as easy as i thought, but Mumbai is very sweet.

I am an actress.

Mumbai + Actor=?

Actually everyone has different story and in my story there are so many twist and turns. My acting passion is the only reason that i work behind the camera, as an assistant director.

Priya Mohane
Priya Mohane

It’s because getting work in acting has no guarantee. I tried to get work in acting, but I started facing problems in it and i thought to join direction field, because learning process behind a camera is also a great experience. Still I am learning and searching work, and I know…………..I’ll achieve success.

I’m very much thankful to my parents. They are very supportive, and also inspire me for my work. I’m too much inspired by them. I also inspired by a magical personality Actor Raj Kumar Rao.

I use to read about him, as I like his work. Once I read a comment about him in which one of his co-star wrote that he always stay busy in his script on set, and still he is as simple as he was before. It’s best quality of him, which I like.

My aim is to be a very good and successful actress.

One more thing, although I struggled a lot, but my positive attitude and your blessings will definitely lead me to success.
And friends it was my story, in which I am facing problems but it’s not same for you. So always keep in your mind to think positive and work on everything you want, you’ll get success.

If you would like to cast me in any of your project, so you can contact me on…

Email id- [email protected]
Facebook – Priya Mohane
Instagram – being_a_soul



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