Shubharambh 2nd December 2019 Written Update: Raja met Rani


Shubharambh 2nd December 2019 Written Update: Today’s episode begins in 2003 Siddhpur Gujrat. On one side the Rani who comes from a poor family. On the other hand, the Raja belongs to a rich family. Both Rani and the Raja’s father work outside the city. Rani’s father is a cobbler, while the Raja’s father has his own clothing business.


Raja’s father runs a shop along with his elder brother. The Raja’s father and uncle believe that his fate changed only after the birth of the Raja. At the same time, the queen asks her father, when will our fate change? Rani’s father says that everyone’s fate does not open so soon. Rani sees that her father gets ₹ 50. She takes the promise of her father that today he will make her ride a camel.

Preparations are being made for the Raja’s birthday celebration. She sees the Raja riding a camel with his cousins. Rani tells the owner of the channel that now it is our turn that these people have been riding camels for a long time. On seeing this, Raja comes down from the camel. Rani and her brother climb a camel. The camel owner asks for money. She finds her father here and there. Rani sees that her father has drunk liquor. Rani’s mother goes home with her husband and Rani sits sadly in a corner.

Shubharambh 2nd December 2019 Written Update:

On the other hand, Raja celebrates the birthday with his entire family. Raja cuts the cake and gives a piece of cake to the Rani sitting in the corner and says that today is my birthday. Rani takes the cake from Raja.

Raja is dancing with his entire family that his father suddenly has a heart attack. The king’s father dies due to a heart attack. This is Shubharambh 2nd December 2019 Written Update.


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