How sylvester stallone got his first movie


Sylvester stallone was born in Hell’s kitchen New york city , the elder son of franke stallone , a hair dresser and beautician and jackie stallone , an astrologer ,former dancer and promoters of women wresting…He did so struggle in his struggle period…In struggle period when he went to production houses for audition and everyone said that he looks so strange , and the way he talks is so strange , so how he will get work. At that time his financial status was so bad. He sold her wife jewellerys to run his house. Even he sold his lovely dog just in $25 because he don’t had food to feed his dog. And he said that time was so bad for him, he came to house and he cried for an hour. But Sylvester stallone never did any job.. Because he thought that if he started doing a job then he would be away from his dream .

sylvester stallone

One night he went outside from his house and he was walking on the road and at that time there was so cold and he decided to sit in a library for some time.. And he read a book written by author ‘PO’ and after reading that book he decided that he will not sigh for his life from today. And one day he was passing from the road and he saw MOHAMMAD ALI boxing match is going on, and he went to watch that match. And after watching boxing match he got a idea about ROCKY film. After watching boxing match he came to house, and in a one night he wrote the whole story of ROCKY film. And he said that after writing the whole story his hand was getting shiver. And he decided that he will make a film on this story. He took his story and he wents to 1000 of production houses in Hollywood. And all the time his story got rejected. One person said him 1000 production houses is not there in hollywood. He answered him I went 5 to 10 times to each production houses and all the times I got rejected….

Once a day, that was my lucky day. I went to one production house and they selected my story and they get ready to pay me $125000 for my story but they kept one condition that they will take any other hero. I denied them, And I said I will only play the character of ROCKY. They get ready to give me $325000 and said please don’t play the character of ROCKY. Again he denied, and at that time he did not have a money for food. After some time company get ready to make a film with him taking has a hero, but company said to Sylvester stallone that we are taking a risk to make a film with you and gave him only $30000. Sylvester get ready to work with company in this small amount. At that time Sylvester was so happy, and immediately after signing the film he went to that man to whom he sold his lovely dog. He said to that man, I sold you this dog in $25 but now I am ready to give you $100. But please give my dog to me. And that man directly denied to give the dog. Sylvester stalloneg get ready to give $1000 $2000 $3000. But at last man return his dog in $7000 and also he said that he want one role in rocky film…

And the film starts, at last company said that they don’t have money to hire boxing choreographer. Sylvester only coregraphed his boxing fight. And when the film released everyone knows it was blockbuster. The film earned more than $1 MILLION at that time, and also nominated for OSCAR.

What lesson we get from this story ?

  • Don’t Give Up
  • Keep trying despite failure
  • Keep changing your approach
  • The clearer we are about what we want. The faster we can achieve it.


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