Upcoming projects designed by RDDU Entertainment


RDDU Entertainment is coming with a bunch of projects such as Queen Sajjan Garh, Tape Recorder, Shirdi Ek Sai Anek etc. This film will be made under the banner of Thrilling Wave Films and RDDU Entertainment will be the Project Designer. Bollywood Rajesh Dubeay will play important roles in these films.


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Queen of Sajjan Garh

Queen of Sajjan Garh is also a Horror Film under the banner of Thrilling Wave Films. Actor Rajesh Dubeay will play Tantrik’s role in this film. This film is going to direct and produced by Mahaveer Shringi.


Tape Recorder

Tape Recorder will be directed and produced by Mahaveer Shringi under the banner of Thrilling Wave Films.


Shirdi Ek Sai Anek

Shirdi Ek Sai Anek is the upcoming Album of Thrilling Wave films. This album will show how a man who is Anti Sai Baba becomes a devotee of Sai Baba. Rajesh Dubeay will play the role of that man.




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