Uttana Shisosana (Extended puppy pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions


Extended puppy pose (Uttana Shisosana)

Extended puppy pose is beginners pose, which is level one. This is  a cross between child pose (balasana) and downward facing dog pose (adho mukh svanasana). The preparatory poses for extended puppy pose are such as hero pose (virasana). Downward facing dog pose (adho mukh svanasana), cat pose (marjariasana) and cow pose(bitilasana).


  • Come into the cat or cow pose, with neutral head or you can say the tabletop position in which your shoulders should stack over your wrists and hips should stack over your knees.  Your top of the feet should relax down on the mat.
  • Begin to walk your hands out in front of you. Lower your chest down towards the ground.
  • Your hips should be over your knees and your shoulders should be arms distance apart.
  • Now gently release your forehead down on the ground.
  • Press the palm of your hands on the floor and lift your elbows and forearms from the ground.
  • Draw your shoulder blades onto your back and reach hips up high towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your neck relaxe and lengthen your spine in both the directions. Breath normally into you back.
  • Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds.
  • To release the pose gently lift your forehead and walk your palms back towards your body to get into tabletop position.


Benefits :-

  • This is great pose for reliving stress and anxiety, chronic tension and insomnia.
  • Extended puppy stretches the spine, shoulders, upper back and arms.
  • The pose can help bring sense of calm back to your body.
  • It improves flexibility in your spine.

Contradiction/ precautions :-

  • Do not practice the pose if you have knee injury.
  • If you have problem in your neck, keep one or two folded blankets or towel underneath your forehead.
  • This pose is a mild inversion. Practicing the pose quickly can cause dizziness to you, due to sudden change in blood flow. So practice it with ease and according to your limit.

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