Utthita Parvatkonasana (Extended side angle pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions


Extended side angle pose (utthita parvatkonasana)

Extended side angle pose or utthita parvatkonasana is a beginner’s pose. It is great asana for deep stretching of body. The pose is very good for girls. It helps in reducing extra weight of waist, thighs and stomach. The preparatory poses for extended side angle pose are such as low lunge (anjaneyasana), high lunge, crescent lunge, standing forward bend pose (uttanasana). wide angle forward bend (prasarita padottasana) .


  • Stand in mountain pose. Extend your arms sideways to your shoulder-height. Your palms should be facing down. Extend your feet as wide apart as your wrists. Align your heels.
  • Turn your right leg and foot outward  90 degrees in such a way that your toes point to the top of your mat.
  • Now bend your right knee, so that your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Your knee should be kept directly over your heel.
  • Align the right heel to the arch of your left foot. Keep your back leg straight.
  • Now inhale and draw your left hip slightly forward.
  • Keep your torso open to the left. You should not turn your torso in the direction of right leg. Gaze out across  the top of your middle finger. This is Warrior 2 pose.
  • Exhale and lower your right arm so your forearm rests om your thigh.
  • Now lift your left arm up towards the ceiling. And then, extend the arm up over the top of your head.  Your left bicep should be on your left ear and your fingertips should be reaching in the direction your right foot toes pointing. Your chest, hips and legs should be in one straight line, extended over your right leg.
  • Turn your head towards the ceiling. Keep breathing smoothly and your throat should be soft. Keep your face relax.
  • To deepen the pose, try to touch the floor with your right hand. Place your palm next to the inside arch of your right foot.
  • You can also place your right palm on the outside of your right foot for deep opening of the chest and shoulders.
  • Ensure that your front knee does not drop inward. Press firmly through the outer edge of your left foot.
  • Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds in the beginning.
  • To release the pose press firmly through the outer edge of your left foot. Exhale and come up slowly in standing position with your arms extended shoulder-height. Turn your feet and torso to the front and bring your feet together. And stand in mountain pose.
  • Now repeat the pose again on opposite side.


  • This pose strengthens the legs, knees and ankles.
  • The pose is therapeutic for sciatica, infertility, constipation, low back pain and menstrual discomfort.
  • It stretches and tone the abdominal muscles.
  • This pose provides deep stretch to groins and hamstrings.
  • It also improves stamina.
  • This pose prepares your body for deep stretching asanas.

Contradiction/ precautions :-

  • Those who are suffering from headache, low or high blood pressure, insomnia should avoid practice this pose. And should try doing after recovery.
  • Do not turn your head up in this pose if you have neck injury.

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